As businesses seek to find out more about their customers and how best to create a more engaging experience, the need to gain a deeper insight into customer behaviour becomes all the more important.

There are a range of approaches we can take, dependant on what detailed level is required. For instance, we provide web-based surveys that are useful for short feedback or validation needs. Then there are webinars that can be used for more content engagement and a wider audience participation. 

Whilst these two approaches are excellent for a range of difference purposes, we find that the best platform for deeper and more engaging customer feedback is through the use of Customer Panels.

Customer Panels are one-to-one feedback interviews. This format can really provide a better understanding of the reasoning that can often sit behind certain decisions customers will make about the organisation, the product, and the people delivering the service.

At Douglas Stafford, we currently deliver Customer Panels across a wide variety of industries, and the approach is very simple: our CX consultant works with you to create the content that may have inputs from all parts of your operation, then we identify the best candidates who have or perhaps have not used your products and services.

The skill and expertise of our CX Consultant will provide an excellent opportunity for your customers to share their thoughts and observations about your business as a whole, validate future service delivery enhancements and input into future product plans. It is often surprising what you will find out!

If you want to take your customer insight to a more detailed level, talk to us today.