Customer satisfaction has fallen once again according to the latest UK Customer Service Index published earlier this month.

The biannual UKCSI published by The Institute of Customer Service provides insight into the quality of UK customer service across 13 industry sectors. Out of a score of 100, the UKCSI is currently 77.1, which has decreased by 0.8 points from last year.

Though this figure may seem small, this is yet a further decrease in satisfaction levels, with results showing that customer satisfaction has fallen continuously since July 2017. Across the 13 industry sectors that the UKCSI assesses, the Transport and Utilities sectors saw the greatest decline in customer satisfaction.

So what are the reasons for the decline in customer satisfaction? Has customer service generally decreased in quality? Have we become more demanding as consumers perhaps? With so many new social channels available at our disposal at every hour of the day, do we simply expect more from our brands?

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