Whether you’re an established brand, a small business, or a startup, customer insight should be the starting point for your company.

In a competitive market, having an in-depth understanding of the needs and preferences of your customers is essential for any business to succeed. This customer insight is necessary for optimising the customer journey and understanding why a customer buys, or doesn’t buy, from your brand.

Market research is the ideal practice for acquiring such insight. Whether qualitative or quantitative, market research aims to identify, understand, and analyse customers and their needs. Such information can help your business understand how your target audience will respond to your brand and to understand what they want from your product or service.

Market research can help your business:

    • Understand the needs and wants of your customers
    • Establish the spending habits of your target market
    • Identify the latest market trends
    • Establish opportunities for growth
    • Recognise unfulfilled needs within your consumer base
    • Observe the competition within your product/service category
    • Identify potential economic or industrial shifts that could impact your brand

The information you acquire can be used to determine how you conduct sales processes, how your services are marketed, and how you follow-up your prospective customers, as well as identifying new business opportunities and helping keep track of your competition. With this valuable insight, you can meet the needs of your customers and provide a superior customer experience.

At Douglas Stafford, we understand the importance of the customer experience, and our market research services are here to help. Working with many of the world’s most recognised brands for 30 years, Douglas Stafford has grown and developed into one of the UK’s leading Customer Experience Consultancies.

With a database of over 32,000 UK consumers, we offer a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative market research techniques to provide your business with valuable insight to understand the needs, influences and opinions of your target audience.This customer insight can be actioned to provide your customers with the best customer experience, which will encourage repeat custom and loyalty to your brand.

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