Team Development Training Workshops.

Consumer expectations for high quality customer experience (CX) is higher than at any point and it continues to increase.

There is a very small margin for error. The key to continued success is to put in place a programme of on-going performance measurement, improvement and development.

The best approach to achieve this is to conduct a cost-effective on-going programme that includes evidence based training workshops, focusing on identified areas that drive performance improvement.

What is Evidence-Based Training?

For thirty years Douglas Stafford has built-up a national network of specialist training consultants that conduct interactive workshops using analysis that Douglas Stafford identifies through data collated via – mystery shopping and customer feedback.

From our team of consultants the appropriate match will be made to align with your business. They will work hard to help you increase revenue though this this type of evidence-based performance improvement.

The best approach to achieve improvements in team performance is to first identify where the weak areas are and where the focus is needed most. Training cannot be conducted on an assumption that there might be a training need in a certain area.

Our Evidence-Based Performance Improvement programme will:

  • Provide a cost effective approach to identifying and working with you on the areas that require focus.
  • Enable our consultants to work with your team to improve under-performing areas using the information available.
  • Monitor performance on an on-going basis.
  • Continue to work with your team to make sure performance is not just improved but maintained.
  • Develop your team to perform at an optimum level.