It’s the most wonderful time of the year… well, for CX consultancies anyway!

Today marks CX Day, a day of celebration for all things customer experience. A global event, CX Day recognises the importance of customer experience and celebrates the businesses and CX professionals that make such experiences happen.

CX may be somewhat of a buzzword to many, but to us, customer experience has been our key focus for 30 years. Since opening our doors for business back in 1989, we learned that everything attributed to a business plays a role in a customer’s experience. Every single touchpoint between a brand and the customer — from its marketing and in-store customer service to its social media activity, its app, and print advertisements, — will create a lasting impression.

A company’s website could be incredibly user-friendly, their online store swift and seamless, but if the in-store collection or the return process is an ordeal, then the customer experience could be compromised — and we’ve all surely experienced something like this with a brand in our own lives.

If a repeatedly-crashing website, a surly staff member, or an unreasonable return policy occur, this will generate frustration and add friction to the customer experience. When this happens, customers begin to look elsewhere, 1-star reviews occur, and business will be lost. You can say what you like about your own brand and how great your services are; your own words will quickly be undone by disgruntled customers and poor word of mouth.

That’s why a seamless, frictionless customer experience is essential to the success of any business. A positive customer experience will build memories and feelings toward a brand, which will develop brand trust and loyalty. This in turn will lead to positive reviews, recommendations and word of mouth, resulting in increased revenue and lead generation.

CX Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the importance of customer experience, because it really does make a difference. With recent statistics stating that CX will overtake product and price as the key brand differentiator by 2020, it’s important to think ahead to how your customer’s needs may change. With technologies constantly improving and new channels of communication opening, customer experience should always be developing and changing with the times.