As a business, we are always look to be innovative and efficient in developing ways to interact with our customer base. Ultimately, it needs to serve a purpose, and that is to deliver a definitive customer experience in line with our business objectives and brand values.

Whether through marketing, social media, online reviews, or referrals, your customers will interact with your business in a multitude of ways, so it’s imperative that every touchpoint leaves a positive impression.

But regardless of how user-friendly your website is or how punctual and witty your company’s social media responses are, nothing will undo the groundwork of a positive customer experience than poor customer service.

Customer service is the front line of your customer experience. As consumers, we all remember our experiences of good customer service. But more crucially, we remember our experiences of poor customer service. And we’re often more vocal about them across social channels and in online reviews too.

So what’s the best method of assuring your staff provide the best customer service?

There’s no substitute to seeing your services from a customer’s point of view, and this is all made possible through Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping is used by businesses to measure the quality of their customer service, to ensure compliance with key processes, directives and regulations, and to gain insight into behavioural contributors. Completely impartial and reliable, Mystery Shopping will allow you to experience your company’s services first-hand using the latest covert filming technologies.

At Douglas Stafford, we offer a multitude of Mystery Shopping services, including Video, Telephone, Online, Report-Based Mystery Shopping. We have a team of highly-trained Mystery Shoppers located across the UK, who match a wide range of customer profiles in order to provide your company with a full customer experience evaluation.

Our team will fully review all of the footage to confirm that it meets your requirements and provide you with the complete full-length customer service experience. This footage will allow you to assess your staff’s performance, to see what works, and to see where improvements can be made. It’s unbiased, honest and effective.

For more information about Mystery Shopping services and how it can help your business, email us at, or call us on 02392 830 011.