Web enquiries are on the increase; measuring how well your teams handle those enquiries is becoming more important than ever.

How responsive are your teams when handling these important online enquiries? How effective is their response?

  • An online Mystery Shopping Programme will monitor and track your web based platform.
  • Our researchers will monitor and track an enquiry from the initial submission through to the follow-up telephone call and the final outcome.
  • Reporting analysis and relevant screen-shots will provide the information you need to both monitor and fine-tune your organisation’s performance in this important area

Online Mystery Shopping


Douglas Stafford can provide your company with a comprehensive Online Mystery Shopping programme to analyse and assess how your staff deal with enquiries.

It is imperative that your team is responding to every enquiry you receive through your company’s website.

Monitor your Live Chat

More and more companies are using a Click2Chat or Live Chat functionality to communicate with customers online who have an enquiry on their website.

Click2Chat Mystery Shopping is a proven way of assessing how your team deals with online enquiries and questions that are asked by a customer.

Our trained Mystery Shoppers can engage in an online conversation with a representative from your company and measure the responses that are received to any questions/enquiries that are made.

The whole conversation is recorded by the advanced Douglas Stafford system and captured via video on screen, including how long it takes for a representative to respond.

Click2Chat Mystery Shopping can provide real evidence-based results in a similar way to Video Mystery Shopping.

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