The best time to obtain customer feedback is the moment after they have visited your business: it is fresh in the customer’s mind and you can get a clear picture of both service levels and their overall experience.

Douglas Stafford has a national team of field researchers that can assess your customers’ experience as soon as they leave.

Our highly trained network of customer satisfaction measurement researchers will conduct Onsite Satisfaction Surveys and analyse the results. From this evaluation, our team – with over 27 years’ experience  are able to propose recommendations on how to improve your business performance.

The use of Onsite Satisfaction Surveys will allow you to react to customer perceptions and improve service levels quickly. This will then result in increased customer retention, sales and service leads.

  • Just a few short questions asked in a polite professional manner will provide your team with a valuable insight into service levels.
  • Our Project Management team can develop reporting that will enable you to look at trends and areas of performance across all of your locations.

Onsite Satisfaction Surveys


What do your customers think of the service they have just received?

By gaining feedback from your customers immediately after their contact with your organisation, Douglas Stafford can supply valuable data and expert analysis for specifically measuring customer satisfaction levels.


High levels of customer satisfaction results in increased customer retention!

Report and reporting analysis will enable your team to analyse what improvements need to be made.

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