Project Description

Douglas Stafford is proud to be the preferred Mystery Shopping and Performance Improvement partner for Honda (UK).

Douglas Stafford provides the company with a bespoke nationwide Mystery Shopping Programme to include telephone, email and video mystery shopping, along with performance coaching, across Honda UK’s network of car dealers.

“We have been working with Douglas Stafford 3 years now, providing our Mystery Shopping Programme for our Car sales and aftersales business.  This activity is essential to getting site by site insight into the customer experience across our network.  It has become such a critical business tool that it is now included within our annual business terms, performance against which can determine the level of bonus money earned.  It provides valuable training material and acts as supporting evidence for some our auditing activity.  Mystery Shop is used to help new dealers get up to speed on providing excellent customer service, as well as used to help facilitate more challenging conversations with under-performers.  The shoppers provided are very well trained and have more insight and understanding of what a customer experience should be in a car showroom as they work with so many of Douglas Stafford’s automotive clients.  They use high quality equipment which they are expert as using, ensuring the video and sound quality is spot on.  The team at Douglas Stafford are responsive, professional and pro-active.  I consider them ‘part of the team’ when it comes to our focus on customer experience.”

Holly Price | Manager – Dealer Development Programmes | Honda (UK)

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