For your business to provide the best customer experience, you need to an in-depth understanding of the customer journey. Understanding this journey can become a complicated process, so customer journey mapping is an essential practice for providing a superior customer experience.

A customer journey map is the visual representation of the entire customer journey, illustrating a customer’s needs, buying processes and motivations, whilst highlighting every touchpoint that a customer will interact with a brand. It can be incredibly beneficial to your business, for a number of reasons:

Seeing your business through the customer’s eyes:

To improve your customer experience, it is important to think like your customer in order to understand and meet their needs to provide the best experience possible. Customer journey mapping allows you to see your brand from a customer’s point of view across every touchpoint. Seeing your business through the customer’s eyes will help you understand their behaviour, their needs and their purchasing decisions, so that you don’t just cater to them, but anticipate them before they do!

Learning where and how customers interact with your brand:

Many consumers will begin their customer journey through online resources, some may choose to make a telephone enquiry, while others will go straight to the source and visit a retailer directly. Understanding which touchpoints your customers interact with can be hugely beneficial to your customer experience. Customer journey mapping will allow you to see where and how consumers will interact with your brand, and at which stage of the buying process they are most active, helping you to improve and optimise them for a superior CX.

Highlighting weaknesses and gaps:

Your website could be incredibly user-friendly, your online store swift and seamless, but if your in-store collection or your return process is an ordeal, then your customer journey could be compromised, adding friction and generating frustration to the entire customer experience. By utilising customer journey mapping, you will be able to see where weaknesses and gaps occur throughout the various touchpoints of the customer journey, so that you can create a seamless, frictionless experience for your customers.

Keep the customer satisfied:

Recent statistics have shown that it is 6-7 times more expensive to attract a customer than retain an existing one. Customer journey mapping can help you to develop a deeper connection with your customers, learning what content they respond to best, which touchpoints they interact with most, and anticipate their forthcoming needs so that you can provide them with consistently high levels of satisfaction. This in turn will help your business to build a strong emotional connection with your customers, developing trust in your brand, leading to retained custom, as well as positive referrals.

Matching your brand promise:

Your brand promise is a key element of your business’ identity and it can serve as the foundation for building a deep connection with your target audience. But is your brand promise evident in every touchpoint and reflected in the customer experience? Customer journey mapping can give your business the opportunity see how well your customer experience matches up with your brand promise to make sure that expectations are met, to avoid frustration and prevent unfulfilled brand expectations.

According to recent statistics, only 34% of organisations currently implement customer journey mapping into their customer service. The benefits of customer journey mapping will greatly serve your customers and help you business to provide a seamless, frictionless customer experience.

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