Every stage of brand interaction has an impact on the customer experience.

Whether through marketing, social media, online reviews, or referrals, your customers will interact with your business in a multitude of ways, so it’s imperative that every touchpoint leaves a positive impression.

But regardless of how user-friendly your website is or how punctual and witty your company’s social media responses are, nothing will undo the groundwork of a positive customer experience than poor customer service.

Customer service is the front line of your customer experience. As consumers, we all remember our experiences of good customer service. But more crucially, we remember our experiences of poor customer service. And we’re often more vocal about them across social channels and in online reviews too.

A wave of 5-star reviews will make your brand look great, but that 1-star review will standout and will cause customers to question your company. Say what you like about your own brand and how good your services are; your own words will quickly be undone by disgruntled customers and poor word of mouth.

For companies looking to improve their CX, focussing on the quality of their customer service is essential and will help brands to build long-term relationships their customers. And there’s no better way to assess your own customer service quality than through the eyes of a customer with Video Mystery Shopping. 

Completely impartial and reliable, Video Mystery Shopping will allow you to watch and experience your brand’s own customer service first-hand using the latest covert filming technologies. The information you acquire can be used to determine how you conduct your sales processes and to learn where improvements can be made to your company’s customer service.

As the front line of your customer experience, the quality of your customer service is fundamental. Get in touch with one of our CX specialists to see how we can help improve yours.