For a business to provide a positive customer experience, it requires a deep understanding of its customer’s needs and of the customer journey. On the surface, this can all seem relatively straightforward:

  • A customer has a need
  • Your product or service fulfils that need
  • The customer purchases this product or service
  • Repeat process

But scratch that surface and you’ll quickly find that it’s all a bit more complicated than that.

The customer journey consists of each individual stage of interaction between a customer and a brand that, when added together, becomes the customer experience. From its marketing and in-store customer service to its social media activity and print advertisements, each touchpoint will impact the customer journey.

Customers want a seamless, frictionless customer experience from one brand touchpoint to the next, and a misstep in the customer journey can bring your customer experience to a crashing halt.

It can be a complicated process, and that’s where customer journey mapping comes into play!

A customer journey map is essentially the blueprint of your customer experience. It is the visual representation of the entire customer journey, illustrating the customer’s needs, buying processes and motivations, whilst highlighting each touchpoint where a customer will interact with a brand.

A customer journey map can be incredibly beneficial to your business in a multitude of ways, helping you to: 

  • Learn where and how customers interact with your brand
  • Highlight weaknesses and gaps within the customer journey
  • Test the robustness of your internal processes to ensure they stand up to operational capability
  • Visualise the journey your customers make across each touchpoint of your brand
  • Understand how well your customer experience correlates with what your brand promises

At Douglas Stafford, we provide CX Strategy and Journey Mapping to help your business understand its customer journey. Our specialist consultants will work with your team, immersing ourselves in your brand, to develop a customer journey map that will help your business deliver a customer experience that not only meets expectations, but surpasses them too.

For more information on customer journey mapping and how we can help your business, get in touch with our CX specialists today.

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