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February 23rd, 2016

See Yourself As A Mystery Shopper?



Ever wondered what it’s like to be a mystery shopper? Jane Yule tells you all you need to know…



Have you always wanted to work for yourself but never knew where to start? Are you looking for a life of adventure? Then Video Mystery Shopping could be for you?


Here at Douglas Stafford, we perform all sorts of mystery shopping visits and audits for a wide variety of clients: from automotive to leisure, retail to property sector. You could be required to drive a seductive sports car one minute, and look at buying the latest mobile phone the next. You can dream of your next holiday while looking at offers to Florida or the Caribbean. You can look at properties for sale and then design your ideal kitchen for your home. All without having to pay a penny – in fact, you can get paid to do this!


As a video mystery shopper, you will be given continual support in your role. For each job you choose to take, you get given a script. This has all the information you could need about the visit, as well as giving you the questions that you need to ask, so that you can go into the visit fully prepared. Even though you may not be near our Head Office in 1000 Lakeside, Portsmouth, we are always on the other end of the phone. Our Scheduling Team are here to ensure you are given suitable jobs and to answer any questions you may have.


You will need to invest in the video mystery shopping equipment, but you can easily make this investment back in your first few weeks. On average, a visit will earn you between £25 and £35 – if you work full-time and complete 5 visits a day, you could earn £150 per day or more! A full-time salary can be in the region of £40,000.


Similar secret camera equipment has been used on recent episodes of Dispatches

Similar secret camera equipment has been used on recent episodes of Dispatches


Our video mystery shopping equipment is similar to the hidden cameras used on Channel 4’s Dispatches – as well as being used by the police. The camera is hidden somewhere on your person and is completely comfortable to wear – can you spot the camera on our mannequin?


Manny Quinn


When you work as a Video Mystery Shopper you feel like a secret agent!



A Day In The Life Of A Mystery Shopper


We caught up with Andy Williams about life as a mystery shopper on the road!


Two hundred yards away from my target – the dealership of a well-known car brand – I am setting up my mystery shopping conjuring outfit. I make sure that my covert camera is positioned to capture the head and shoulders of anyone in front of me. I switch the camera to ‘Record’, make sure the lock is on, and then speak my introduction to the visit.


‘This is James Bond, visiting Blofeld’s car dealership in Morocco…’


Okay, I am certainly not James Bond, but it helps me to think that I am! I believe it gives me an edge.


As I drive the short distance to the dealership I internally recite the fake personal details I have been given. It can be hard to memorise a new address and telephone number, but I begin preparing myself straight after my last assignment. If I have to provide a fake name (which isn’t always the case) I choose the name of a friend and mentally picture them. I’m then able to use the name as my own confidently. I also use mnemonics for the address and phone number. Everyone finds their own methods for this.


As I pull into the dealership I am confident that I am not the same person as the one who woke up in the morning, and won’t be for the duration of the visit.


A Sales Executive approaches: I know my name, where I live and what I want.


Now all I have to do is remember to turn the camera off at the end!



If you would like to find out more, or would like to apply to become one of our Video Mystery Shoppers, please go to www.douglasstafford.com/careers