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Mystery shopping and mystery shopping companies can also be referred to as secret shopping, covert shopping and undercover shopping, with other terms including, secret shoppers, covert shoppers and undercover shoppers commonly used.

Douglas Stafford has been conducting performance evaluations through mystery shopping, both nationally and internationally, for nearly 25 years.

In that time, Douglas Stafford has developed into the UK's leading mystery shopping company, carrying out an extensive range of report-based, electronic, telephone and video mystery shopping programmes.

Douglas Stafford works with many national and international companies and high street brands, in the automotive, leisure, retail and property industries.

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If you are interested in becoming a Video Mystery Shopper then email us with a copy of your CV and any relevant information at [email protected]

We have some exciting mystery shopping jobs lined up for 2016, and we are giving you the chance to join our team of report-based and video mystery shoppers in the United Kingdom.

Video Mystery Shoppers Required:

Video mystery shopping is for people who have more time to commit to the role. As a video mystery shopper, you can work part-time or make it your full time career, on a freelance basis.

The whole video mystery shopping process is digitally video recorded using the latest HD technology in covert video equipment.

People who make working for a mystery shopping company a full time career and have good attention to detail can expect to make a good living.

Video mystery shoppers will be required to work on a self-employed basis and will have opportunities to travel, with larger areas of the UK to be covered.

Full training will be provided at the Douglas Stafford Head Office.

Report-Based Mystery Shoppers Required:

Report-based mystery shopping is for people who want to work freelance, on a casual, part-time basis. You will be required to conduct a variety of personal mystery shops at high street retailers in the UK.

You can do as many, or as few, as you like and carry out the role in your lunch break, before or after work, or in between college and university studies.

Report-based mystery shoppers will need to have good attention to detail, be reliable and be able to complete the shops within agreed time schedules. Training briefs will be provided before each shop.


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