Increase Showroom Appointments

When Performance is Everything

When did you last speak to your past customers?

The experienced customer service advisors in our Customer Contact Centre provide clients with cost effective services, the results of which are not only measurable, but significantly improve sales.

Taking advantage of these services is an effective and efficient method of keeping in contact with past customers. At Douglas Stafford, we have the potential to significantly increase your sales.

Our team, mentored by a renowned training specialist, will create showroom appointments, service bookings and a number of other specialist customer contact initiatives that have been proven to increase business performance, customer retention and satisfaction.

A professional customer call centre service from Douglas Stafford

Whatever your company, it is essential that you have a professional customer service team working to ensure customers are fully satisfied and also to attract business and encourage them to purchase your products. One way of doing this is through a customer service call centre; rather than doing this in-house, a customer service centre will take care of all your customer service requirements, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on other tasks. Here at Douglas Stafford, we can provide your company with contact centres for a variety of industry-dependent needs, helping you to improve performance and increase profitability.

Service & MOT customer retention

Our customer call centre service is an ideal solution for those looking to increase Aftersales revenue from MOTS, servicing and other such appointments. Aftersales can play an important role in a company’s profitability and can represent a serious opportunity to attract further custom following an initial sale. Our customer service call centre will liaise with your past customers, create service bookings and also keep up-to-date records so you know when they need contacting again in the future. In an area that is largely performance related, your dealership can significantly improve its level of service by using a customer service centre.

Consider contact centres for showroom appointment initiatives

Actually getting customers into your showroom is probably the biggest hurdle in completing a sale; once they step foot into the showroom, they have already proved they are interested in what you are selling. In your past customers you have a potentially huge source of revenue, and a customer service call centre can tap into that source, as well as arrange showroom appointments for you, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on other tasks. At Douglas Stafford, we have several years of experience in the industry and have provided an exceptional customer call centre service to several large clients, with exceptional success.

Customer service centre – perfect for chasing hot prospects and lost leads

You have done the hardest part in actually getting a customer into your showroom and they have shown some interest in your product, but will they actually return and complete the sale? Our contact centres can help you chase up potential customers and discover whether or not they are interested. If so, then a return appointment can be arranged, or if not, we can enquire as to why they decided against purchasing or why they went elsewhere. Consequently, our customer call centre service can improve your profitability and identify where improvements need to be made for the future.

Try a customer service call centre for in-depth customer satisfaction surveys

Finding out exactly what your customers think of your company is the best way to improve. In such competitive marketplaces, it is important to see what your customers like about your business or where they think you might improve. At Douglas Stafford, our professional contact centres can conduct in-depth customer satisfaction surveys to gauge exactly what they thought of their experience dealing with you. Our customer service centre will provide management with accurate reports and analysis for consideration into how to improve going forward in the future.