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September 16th, 2011

Volkswagen UK takes the mystery out of mystery shopping

Douglas Stafford has been working with Volkswagen UK to take the mystery out of mystery shopping. The company has produced a brochure for Volkswagen that explains and captures the true spirit of mystery shopping, which is its use as a tool to improve the skills of dealership sales staff.


“The brochure we created in collaboration with Volkswagen UK provided a unique opportunity to show its retailer network how efficient a measurement and learning tool mystery shopping can be,” said Rohan Tailor, Electronic & Audio Production Manager at Douglas Stafford. “We created mystery shop scenarios in line with day-to-day customer enquiries and then produced a snappy, quick reference guide providing insight into how to handle such a customer.


“By being completely transparent with the retailer network and advising that we have specific scenarios, we have taken the ‘scare’ out of mystery shopping, instead providing the retailers with an opportunity to measure their processes with the varying customer enquiries and then the ability to review and refine where necessary. At Douglas Stafford we’re always very happy to work with our clients in any way that will benefit them and working on the booklet with Volkswagen was fantastic. The feedback is that it has been received well and hopefully both retailers and customers will benefit from it.”


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