Your brand may promise great things, but it’s your customers that decide if it delivers on that promise.


Good branding will always be important, but a memorable brand is achieved through consistency.

To provide the best customer experience, you need to promote a consistent brand image nationwide and across all media platforms. This consistency is achieved through the maintenance of brand standards and transactional pricing.

Brand standards are the guidelines for your brand, regulating the look and feel of your company’s identity.

The importance of brand standards can never be understated, as an inconsistent brand identity will impart a negative impression on the customer experience and create disharmony on the customer journey.

A lack of visual consistency will look unprofessional and can gravely impact consumer perception, jeopardising your brand’s integrity and put the authenticity of your company in question.

As well as visual consistency, understanding the financial positioning of your product is essential. Transactional Pricing Audits give your business full visibility into the amount of financial support that retailers contribute towards a purchase, so that you can fully understand the current market.

To understand the true transactional offering on-site against the advertised price:

  • Is the advertised offer being honoured in store?
  • Is a product potentially being devalued by unadvertised discounts?
  • To identify trends in average offerings regionally across the UK.

Our Transactional Pricing Audits will give your business full visibility into the amount of finance support and pricing offers that retailers are willing to contribute towards a purchase, so that you can fully understand your position in the current market.

At Douglas Stafford, our auditing programmes will help strengthen and improve your brands standards, improve transactional and operational activity across each of your business locations, and will help keep your brand identity and transactional pricing consistent across your business.

Brand Standard Audits

Brand consistency is crucial to the success of any business, and this is achieved through the adherence of brand standards.

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Transactional Pricing Audits

In a competitive market, understanding the transactional and financial positioning of your product is essential…

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