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Mystery Shopping

Whether you choose telephone, electronic, report based or video mystery shopping, you will be able to get an insight into your team's sales performance and customer service levels.

Customer Research

Knowing what your customers are thinking about your service is paramount, making modifications to your business based on fast accurate market research information is crucial.

Audit Programmes

All of our auditors are highly-trained and will work with your company to build a relationship and knowledge of your brand, to enhance the customer experience.


A particular expertise is our approach to people development by providing evidence based management training, resulting in ongoing team development by your managers using mystery shopping results.

When Performance is Everything

Douglas Stafford – a premier mystery shopping company

Mystery shopping in the UK has become a staple with many companies looking to assess the level of service their staff are providing to customers. Here at Douglas Stafford, we provide various mystery shopping services, from video mystery shopping to customer satisfaction surveys, to ensure your customers are receiving the best possible service. As a bespoke mystery shopping company, we work alongside you to discover how mystery shopping can help you improve sales and customer service. So, if you have been looking for reliable and professional mystery shopping companies, Douglas Stafford perfectly fits the bill.

In-depth customer satisfaction surveys

It is vital that you know what your customers want or think of your levels of service, and the perfect way to find out is by using customer satisfaction surveys. As a bespoke mystery shopping company we work with you to develop the best customer satisfaction surveys for your needs, whether that be telephone customer satisfaction surveys, exit polls or a variety of other customer related research initiatives. By using customer satisfaction surveys you can garner reliable and detailed market research so you can improve you service and sales.

Why use mystery shopping companies?

You may be wondering why exactly you need to invest in mystery shopping companies, but it’s really very simple. It is by far the most effective way of assessing whether your staff are delivering customer service to the standards expected of them. You don’t use mystery shopping companies to see if your employees are doing things wrong, you use them to judge how to improve in the future. Here at Douglas Stafford, a foremost provider of mystery shopping in the UK, we understand the genuine demand for mystery shopping services and deliver them with reliability and professionalism.

Douglas Stafford – a mystery shopping company you can trust

We have been providing mystery shopping in the UK for over 25 years and have developed a stellar reputation as one of the best mystery shopping companies in the business. As well as mystery shopping in the UK, we also provide several other customer service initiatives, such as market research, training and tele-sales programmes. Many national and international companies have entrusted us as their favoured mystery shopping company, such as BMW, Fitness First, Renault and Claire’s Accessories. So, for the very best in mystery shopping in the UK, look no further than Douglas Stafford.