Client Satisfaction (CSI)

Knowing what your customers think about your company’s service levels is paramount for achieving high levels of customer retention, incremental and new business.

A well-planned and well-implemented telephone Customer Satisfaction Initiative will provide your management team with an array of data to use when improving both process and customer service.

  • A well-designed survey will provide your teams with an assessment of current customer service levels.
  • Review the results and an array of data analysis via our online reporting platform DSInsight®.
  • Receive alerts if certain customers need to be contacted, where an escalation is required.
  • The results will form part of your ongoing improvement development mix.

Client satisfaction is important to the success of a company, especially in today’s competitive industry.

Businesses will undoubtedly want to provide their customers with the perfect experience when they use their services, which is why they should consider Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Douglas Stafford’s customer satisfaction questionnaires can ultimately help a company to identify the strengths and weaknesses within their organisation, and they will then be able to make the appropriate changes to ensure they can provide an unrivalled service.

Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys

Douglas Stafford’s customer service questionnaires will ask numerous questions regarding a company’s services; for example, the checkout experience, point of sale displays, customer care and more. Douglas Stafford’s customer service surveys will help a business get to the root of their company’s problems, so they can easily eliminate them and focus on the positives.

Douglas Stafford has a wealth of experience in providing high quality customer satisfaction surveys, so a company can rest assured that they would struggle to find better customer service questionnaires elsewhere.

Douglas Stafford can provide some of the most in-depth and revealing customer satisfaction questionnaires, and can also provide a range of additional services, such as Mystery Shopping, customer satisfaction research, video mystery shopping and more.

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