The Perfect Training Solution

For businesses operating in competitive markets, the constant need to increase sales is primarily driven by the creation of new products and services to gain the competitive edge. But customers no longer buy just products or services; their purchases buy into an idea or an experience. Expectations for quality customer experiences continue to increase across [...]

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The Impact of Customer Service

Every stage of brand interaction has an impact on the customer experience. Whether through marketing, social media, online reviews, or referrals, your customers will interact with your business in a multitude of ways, so it’s imperative that every touchpoint leaves a positive impression. But regardless of how user-friendly your website is or how punctual and [...]

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Customer Satisfaction Continues To Decline

Customer satisfaction has fallen once again according to the latest UK Customer Service Index published earlier this month. The biannual UKCSI published by The Institute of Customer Service provides insight into the quality of UK customer service across 13 industry sectors. Out of a score of 100, the UKCSI is currently 77.1, which has decreased [...]

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Ryan’s Great Wall of China Trek!

A Douglas Stafford team member will be trekking across the Great Wall of China to raise money for charity! Ryan Tout, 24, will be taking part in Velindre's Great Wall of China Trek, a spectacular five-day journey across part of China’s monumental chain of castles for the Velindre Cancer Centre. Ryan will be completing the [...]

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The Importance of Brand Standards

When you think of the most recognisable brands in the world, certain imagery will almost certainly come to mind: a half-eaten apple. A golden capital M. A twin-tailed siren with a penchant for coffee. As consumers, we have learned to recognise these brands not because of the iconography itself, but because of its consistency. Wherever [...]

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Suzuki Ranked Number 1 Car Brand For Customer Satisfaction

Suzuki GB has ranked as the best automotive brand in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI). The Japanese manufacturer came in first place of 24 automotive manufacturers and in third place in the overall organisational rankings, improving their overall index score to 85.9, compared to 83 in January’s UKCSI. “Suzuki have been valued clients [...]

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Douglas Stafford Managers Complete The Osborne Run!

Two Managers at Douglas Stafford have completed the Osborne Run to raise money for the Mountbatten Hospice! Father and daughter team, Nigel and Madelaine Cook, took part in the fundraising fun run across the grounds of Osborne House on Sunday 30th June, which saw 550 runners take part. The family-friendly event launched in 2017 and [...]

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Is your Training Evidence Based?

What does training mean to your business? Delivering a positive customer experience is essential for any business. Providing your customers with a superior experience will encourage repeat custom and brand loyalty whilst reducing customer complaints and negative word-of-mouth. But for a customer experience to succeed, businesses must first invest in its most important asset: its employees. [...]

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How Do You Measure Customer Experience?

Whether you’re an established brand, a small business, or a startup, the success of your customer experience will make or break your business. It is essential for businesses to develop a comprehensive understanding of their customers and their behaviour in order to build long-term relationships and ultimately provide a superior customer experience. Customer insight can [...]

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Do you know what your customers want from your product or service?

Whether you’re an established brand, a small business, or a startup, customer insight should be the starting point for your company. In a competitive market, having an in-depth understanding of the needs and preferences of your customers is essential for any business to succeed. This customer insight is necessary for optimising the customer journey and [...]

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