If you want to flourish in the competitive retail industry, then you need to ensure that you deliver exceptional customer service. Our Mystery Shopping service can provide you with an impartial opinion about whether or not our experienced Mystery Shoppers enjoyed their shopping experience in your store and if they received unrivalled customer care. Therefore, our Mystery Shopper services can help you boost sales and customer satisfaction, whilst helping to develop a strong and customer-focused commercial store.

The Project Team will develop a bespoke report analysis document that will provide you and your team with information that will assist with the development and improvement of your business.

  • Our Field Team of researchers will be profiled to mirror your customers.
  • A fully briefed and prepared Mystery Shopper will report back on their experience.

Report Based

“The real value is not just in the data we provide but how well our Account Business Consultants work with your teams to help you improve”.


You will be able to review trends and complete overall analysis on our online reporting platform DSInsight®.

well-designed, detailed report will be able to identify the areas that may require improvement.

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