Lead Management Mystery Shopping

When Performance is Everything

Monitor sales performance through our sophisticated lead management Mystery Shopping system

A company's website is now at the heart of most of its marketing activity. Your customers are no doubt making full use of your site but are they getting the support they expect when they then want to do business with you?

Douglas Stafford can develop an electronic mystery shopping programme that can test your team's skills in many areas. This can include how staff handle responses from your website or how well they are managing your CRM response system. Our customised programme will place leads into your website. When a member of staff follows up the lead with a phone call or email communication, they will go through to one of our trained researchers. Calls can be digitally recorded and a report produced highlighting strengths and weaknesses and email responses critiqued.

Our Electronic Mystery Shopping Programmes:

  • Provide an interactive website giving a breakdown of results for each follow-up call.
  • Offer a digital audio recording option of your team making follow-up calls.
  • Give comprehensive data reports customised to your needs.
  • Enable team members to submit and develop their own action plans for improvement through a performance planning option.