Sales growth isn’t just determined by your product or services

For businesses operating in competitive markets, that constant need to increase sales is primarily driven by the creation of new products and services with the aim of gaining a competitive edge.

But in doing so, we often lose sight of how we are going to deliver these new products and services to our potential customers. Whilst implementing complex strategies and business ambitions is the norm, it is your team that will fundamentally make the difference to how your business performs.

For your business to succeed, it is crucial that your team are fully trained to provide the best Customer Experience possible.

At Douglas Stafford, we believe every organisation needs perfect balance and harmony when selling products and engaging customers, to enable them to grow their brand and build a positive customer experience. That is why your brand and your customers are the central focus for all our training solutions!

Our wide range of training solutions are entirely evidence based and suited to the unique needs of your business. They are tailored, agile, and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of your organisation and of your customers.

Our specialists will work with your team to improve motivation and performance, resulting in increased Customer Satisfaction and increasing Sales Revenue for your business.

Our solutions include:


  • Call Centre Training

  • Coaching for Performance

  • Customer Experience Training

  • Customer Service Training

  • CX Strategy & Journey Mapping

  • FCA Compliance Training

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Regional Manager Training (Sales and Customer Service)

  • Sales Training

When your team members have all the training, skills, and knowledge they require, your brand will run more steadily, thus providing a superior customer experience that will make your brand stand out from its competition.

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