Video Mystery Shopping

Video Mystery Shopping provides an evidence-based performance analysis for your management team to use as a positive training tool for your teams.

The power of high-definition video footage that clearly shows your customer service levels from a customer’s perspective serves as a very powerful tool for Performance Improvement initiatives. The level of customer service, sales process and the overall experience is clearly displayed and indisputable.

  • This form of measurement including video footage is an excellent vehicle to use for coaching and training your teams.
  • It serves as a great self-improvement process where individuals can clearly assess their own performance and create their own action plan for change.
  • It is an excellent tool to form part of a reward and recognition programme.
  • Our online reporting platform DSInsight® will provide you and your team with report and report analysis along with the ability to stream the video footage for review.

Video Mystery Shopping highlights the real Customer Experience


Video Mystery Shopping is one of the best ways to measure and improve customer experiences

Video Evidence

 Each video is recorded by one of our skilled and trained Video Mystery Shoppers, using state-of-the-art video recording equipment to provide an accurate account of a customer’s experience.

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